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Burn on average, 1000 Calories per Hour, with Superior Attitude & Fitness, Help to Preserve the Integrity of the Sport of Kickboxing
Mixed Martial Arts Science

The Original Trade Mark Sport Specific, Equipment
Mixed Martial Arts based Workout with a Kick

Marcus DeValentino
CEO & Program Director

 “In a World of Copy Cats, Why not be an Original?”

 Fitness / Instructor Program


An Association of martial arts schools dedicated to the development of strong moral character
and physical fitness through the practice of Traditional Okinawa Karate-do & Kobudo

Coming soon! The Okinawa Kenpo DSSI Black Belt certification program in DVD-ROM.

                                                               Marcus DeValentino in Action!             The Power of Okinawa Kenpo
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"If I, as a teacher, role model, mentor, leader, and builder of character were to train a student to become as skillful as I in my own art and discipline, I will have then actually committed an injustice in withholding my true teaching potential from that disciple and his lifetime. 
If I, on the other hand train my student to be even better than I, then I will have truly shared my art with the world for all the lives that he touches and for all time for then, I will have truly inspired him.  Be the Inspiration".

Marcus DeValentino