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December 11, 2021

DSSI is honored to serve at the following new location.  You may register for classes at our home page link or email to

Payments may be made in cash to Marcus DeValentino or, by the VENMO app that is free and secure.


AMVETS - West Oahu Veterans Center

5001 Iroquois Ave.

Bldg. 612, West Loch Annex (JBPHH)

Ewa Beach, Hawaii (U.S.A.) 96706


Phone: 808-888-0410

April 2, 2021


Master Charles is taking action to fix the tuition payment and registration link and he is also forwarding it to the DSSI webmaster momentarily.  So, by the time you get this message you will be able to go back to either the site or to and execute your tuition payments thank.
I am asking that you communicate with me at this email address
Outlook is once again sending my DSSI emails directly to spam even though you are all on my allowed listings.  I am looking into fixing this issue.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

Next belt test is 17 April 2021
Sarah for Blue Belt, Leia for Green Belt, Little Dragons for Gold Belt.  Please submit your registration forms at your earliest convenience thanks.

First class of each month will be devoted to kata bunkai and one step applications or, how the power of kata is effective in combat.  These sessions will enhance your understanding and performance of kata and life protection skills.

Next class we meet at the Pearl Club instead of Makai Center.  An MWR representative has booked our access for the entire month.  No new schedule or time change has been yet confirmed.  We will have lots of space for sure and brand new mats thanks to Master Charles.

February 12, 2020

Okinawa Kenpo DSSI World Headquarters is back up and running in Hawaii.  Training returns to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam at Club Pearl in March of 2020 for adult ages with access to the military installation.  Thousands of square feet in a clean and safe environment located between the fitness center and Ward Field.  Classes are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM. Two steps to get started...

Step one: Click here and follow the MWRs registration link.
Step two: Contact DSSI for follow up and issue of supplies by Marcus DeValentino, instructor.

September 1, 2014

The Golden Dragons Okinawa Kenpo DSSI dojo was established in 2014 for the Hill Country Retreat community San Antonio for active seniors. by kyoshi Marcus DeValentino.  Contact Renshi sensei Harold Huguley III. For more information email: 


January 31, 2007

The DSSI competition team from the Shihan Cesar Fernandez school AKA the "Boys of South Florida" competed at the 5th Annual Space Coast Winter Tournament of Florida the last weekend of January, 07.

Shihan Cesar Fernandez taking 1st place in weapons division, Sensei Antonio Gomez taking 2nd place in weapons, and Sensei Gregorio Gomez taking 4th place in weapons are all all DSSI students winning at this tournament showing the pride of the DSSI Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo system.

Also in Kata, Shihan Cesar Fernandez returns and takes 1st in Kata division for the 2nd time for the past 2 years.  Sensei Antonio Gomez takes 3rd in his division in Kata , and Sensei Gregorio Gomez takes 4th in his division.  For the grand champion Shihan Cesar Fernandez takes 2nd but, the crowd did not seem very happy with that as they thought he had won the Grand Championship for the second year in a row.

Congratulations to the Boys of South Florida that are representing DSSI.

January 21, 2007

Black Belt Congratulations to Renshi Kevin Roberts who even after two dangerous tours of duty in the big sand box, has tested and been promoted to fifth degree. 

March, 2006

Shihan Cesar Fernandez of Florida DSSI now has new website up and running Fernandez Shudokan Karate Schools (no longer active)

November 1, 2005

Sensei Alvin C. Carr is appointed as Shibucho (branch director) as master Marcus DeValentino transfers back to Hawaii three years after having established the Crofton, MD school... Carr's Martial Arts & Fitness (no longer active)

June 5-13, 2005

Shihan DeValentino spends a week at the DSSI Pelletier Dojo in Lewiston, Maine (some 400 students) for an annual training and belt testing event.  The event will be televised by channel 6.


Shihan Marcus DeValentino leaves for Panama Central America on September 30, 03 and returns on October 6th. On this annual trip to visit, oversee, and test a myriad of DSSI schools, Shihan also has two televisions appearances and newspaper interviews as well as a seminar with hundreds of martial artists in attendance. Check back at the DSSI website for new pictures.

Florida 02/15/03

Sensei DeValentino had a successful visit to our Florida based DSSI school at Broward Community College (no longer active) in Ft. Lauderdale. We enjoyed many special training sessions including a belt testing and a visit to Dr. Singers Kannagara Aikido School also on campus were sensei DeValentino demonstrated pressure points fighting. See "DSSI LOCATIONS" for pictures and information.

Our newest location is Gold's Gym of Crofton, MD at 1625 Crofton Centre (off of Rt.3). Start date is 03/03/03.


Effective December 03, DeValentino Shudokan Schools International Headquarters School moves into it's new home. A world class training facility inside of Gold's Gym of Crofton Maryland but, separate from the actual fitness area. This place is huge with access to all facilities. With an impact floor, mirrored walls, ceiling fans and air conditioning, a glass wall at street level next door to the shopping center for high visibility and public friendly access.

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening Announcements.

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