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Dragon Society International

Shihan Sensei Devalentino is a proud member of Dragon Society International and recommends membership  to all eligible DSSI Students & Instructors.

Dragon Society International - An organization committed
  • To the education of martial artists from any and all styles and backgrounds in the art and principles of Torite-jutsu or "Seizing Hands Skills".
  • To supplying the martial arts public with an advanced understanding of the science and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as applied to actual combat and self-protection situations.
  • To perpetuating and preserving our art in it's truest form.
  • To strive to continue to gain knowledge and insight from every legitimate source possible and to pass this knowledge and insight on to all members in any medium available.
  • To maintain the organization's and instructor's integrity and to provide all members of the organization with a non-political learning environment.

International Karate Kobudo Federation

International Karate Kobudo Federation ® - The INTERNATIONAL KARATE KOBUDO FEDERATION (IKKF) ® is recognized world wide as a leading traditional martial arts organization dedicated to the preservation of the "Old Ways", offering an alternative for serious dojos/organizations. (11681 bytes)

National Karate and Kobudo Federation - An international organization dedicated to the promotion of all martial arts styles. - A complete online reference for those interested in accupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Includes fantastic research resources including meridian and pressure point charts and descriptions.

American Fitness Professionals and Associates provide Certifications & Education for the health and fitness professional...

World Martial Arts Information Center - Your Complete Guide to the Martial Arts

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American Martial Arts Supply


Sport Karate, Inc.  The leader in uniting the fitness and martial arts industries and home of the Original Cardio Kickboxing Workout.

International Kickboxing Federation - The worlds foremost authority on the sport of kickboxing

Shito-Ryu Karate-Do - The purpose of this website is to provide a reference resource for the noble discipline of Karate-Do especially the karate of the late Master Kenwa Mabuni, Shito-Ryu, for current practitioners, newcomers and those interested in finding further information.


Challenger Martial Arts Supplies - Offers martial arts uniforms, shoes, weapons, Sparring gear, floor mats and other high quality martial arts gear at a reasonable price.

Pacillo Boxing Gear - Buy Boxing Equipment and Martial Arts Gear at

Marine Corps Martial Arts Association - List of members who have reach the level of Master or Grand Master within their martial arts discipline

Martial Arts History Museum - The Martial Arts History Museum is not a "who's who of the martial arts" but it is an accurate accounting of the history of the martial arts and those pioneers who have contributed to the spread of the arts. It will have tons of artifacts including uniforms, weapons, shields, championship belts, trophies, hitting pads, Chinese dragons, drums, utensils, mats, all that is involved in the martial arts. It will also have a variety of section on martial arts in the media, films, cartoons, etc. In addition, the museum will have a variety of exhibit every few months focusing on kickboxing, Ed Parker's system, the UFC, the tournament champions, etc.

Martial Arts International - As a student of Martial Arts International your Jiu-Jitsu training is to challenge yourself, not the other person. Your training will develop confidence by facing your fears, and your negative fighting spirit will become a creative fighting spirit. The stress and pressure of serious Jiu-Jitsu training brings this spirit to the surface, exposing it so that it can be examined and refined in a controlled atmosphere of respect and mutual study. The school will assist you in discovering your physical limitations and inspire you to reflect on the deepest meanings of harmony and conflict, as well as strive for a level of consciousness above the selfish ego, closer to a universal consciousness.

Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai - Official Website of the Hawaii Karate Kodanshakai

Bouchard's Karate Academy - The "Old School" Martial Arts instructors believe that rigorous, physically demanding, military-style instruction is what Karate is all about. As a result, many potential black belts quit, instructors suffering from years of abuse have difficulty demonstrating proper technique, and impressionable teens interpret ego as a common precept of Karate.
Bouchard's Karate Academy is established on these precepts:

1: Humility                  4: Courtesy
2: Self Control            5: Discipline
3: Integrity                  6: Perseverance               


Vergara Shudokan - En 1980 las primeras practicas de karate es ese tiempo se practicaba como se dice “cultamente”. En la Provincia de Bocas de Toro solo habían 3 practicantes Ismael Hudson ; Juan y Vidal Centeno, bajo cuyos conocimientos se formo el Sensei Cristino Vergara.

Tiger - Your source for all of your martial arts supply needs. Including weapons uniforms and equipment.

AKERU - The AKERU Self-Preservation System is a 30 year legacy providing guidance to community members to reclaim the sovereignty in their lives. Using traditional teaching discipline methods through cultural education, the AKERU process empowers participants to enhance their own value system through the rebuilding of personal accountability for future sustained success.

Historically, AKERU recruits social and human service students to participate as interns to assure consistent exchange of innovative ideas, thus the longevity of the program for the next generation.

Self Defense Products - At the Safety Basement, we offer car emergency kit, handcuffs, surveillance cameras, emergency action plan, protection gear, self defense plan or device.


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