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Dragon Society International

Shihan Sensei Devalentino is a proud member of Dragon Society International and recommends membership  to all eligible DSSI Students & Instructors.

Dragon Society International - An organization committed
  • To the education of martial artists from any and all styles and backgrounds in the art and principles of Torite-jutsu or "Seizing Hands Skills".
  • To supplying the martial arts public with an advanced understanding of the science and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as applied to actual combat and self-protection situations.
  • To perpetuating and preserving our art in it's truest form.
  • To strive to continue to gain knowledge and insight from every legitimate source possible and to pass this knowledge and insight on to all members in any medium available.
  • To maintain the organization's and instructor's integrity and to provide all members of the organization with a non-political learning environment.

International Karate Kobudo Federation

International Karate Kobudo Federation - The INTERNATIONAL KARATE KOBUDO FEDERATION (IKKF) is recognized world wide as a leading traditional martial arts organization dedicated to the preservation of the "Old Ways", offering an alternative for serious dojos/organizations.

National Karate and Kobudo Federation - An international organization dedicated to the promotion of all martial arts styles. - Home of the Original Cardio Kickboxing workout.  The leader in uniting the martial arts and fitness industries world wide

International Kickboxing Federation - The worlds foremost authority on the sport of kickboxing

Shito-Ryu Karate-Do - The purpose of this website is to provide a reference resource for the noble discipline of Karate-Do especially the karate of the late Master Kenwa Mabuni, Shito-Ryu, for current practitioners, newcomers and those interested in finding further information.


Pacillo Boxing Gear - Buy Boxing Equipment and Martial Arts Gear at

Bouchard's Karate Academy - The "Old School" Martial Arts instructors believe that rigorous, physically demanding, military-style instruction is what Karate is all about. As a result, many potential black belts quit, instructors suffering from years of abuse have difficulty demonstrating proper technique, and impressionable teens interpret ego as a common precept of Karate.
Bouchard's Karate Academy is established on these precepts:

1: Humility                  4: Courtesy
2: Self Control            5: Discipline
3: Integrity                  6: Perseverance               

Tiger - Your source for all of your martial arts supply needs. Including weapons uniforms and equipment.

Victory Martial Arts & Fitness - founded in 2000 to teach self-defense as a community outreach program.  Our curriculum is designed to teach more than self-defense skills.  We strongly encourage perseverance, respect for others, team building skills, a sense of self-discipline, and self-confidence. 

Taiji World - This is the sales site for the World Taiji Boxing Association. To order all our video titles and more.

Green Dragon Learning Academy - Open by invitation only, our program is a life changing experience. The program is the intersection of both ancient traditional Daoist (developed over several thousand years) & modern concepts, philosophies, sciences of health, fitness, wellness designed for self improvement and becoming the best version of yourself. It is a personal guided path to allow you to build confidence and know yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Old School Street Fitness - Michael Polito is a personal trainer in Poughkeepsie NY, hudson valley.  He offers strength training, functional movement, & weight loss programs. dutchess county training in athletic and performance training for the hudson valley.