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January 17, 2010 5:52 pm

Hello Sir,   It is so good to hear from you.  Maximum Self-Defense and Fitness, LLC is excited about 2010 and the blessings God has in store for us.  We are also excited about remaining part of the DSSI family.  You are a mentor and a true blessing to me and my students.  DSSI has helped us in so many ways.  We have had a 35% increase in enrollment and our retention rate is wonderful - thanks to DSSI.  Cardio Kickboxing still has 30 plus students and the instructors are so loyal and dedicated.  They are ready to KICK it up a notch with you this summer! We look forward to seeing you in June or July.


F. Scott Kennedy, (no longer active)

DSSI is an International FAITH based and politics free martial arts society with an emphasis on Character development and preserving the ancient arts for modern day warriors.

This text is all that you need to successfully operate and manage an income generating school at your dojo, studio, community center, fitness center, military installation, non-profit church organization, health and wellness center, youth services activity, business district in your city or neighborhood, and even at your home. 

This includes membership certificates, promotion certificates, outstanding performance certificates, patches for the uniform, instructional videos on Traditional Okinawa Kenpo forms, or weapons forms or, both, plus a complete self defense system based on nerve and joint manipulation, your own student book complete with registration forms an disclaimers and even Internet networking and support complete with your schools marketing and advertising for a competitive edge and much more.  Download-able promotion certificates to eliminate shipping and wait time.  The benefits are too numerous to list here so email us with your qualifications and to set up an interview, if you are interested.  The cost is only $375 per year and with our secure Paypal feature you may choose to get it all for only $99 down with six months to pay and no interest!

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