Okinawa Kenpo Masters Wisdom

Developing Inner Strength Through the Kata

  1. - Eliminate external distractions and concentrate only upon the kata.
  2. - Coordinate breathing and synchronize it with your muscular activity. When you extend your arm, exhale and strike but conserve 50%
      of your air. Be sure never to expel all of your air at one time. When you inhale, your body becomes light. When you exhale your body
      becomes rooted to the ground.
  3. - Listen to your breathing and become aware of every part of your body.
  4. - There must be a constant but pliable muscular contraction in the deltoid, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, serratus, and pectoral muscle groups.
  5. - To encourage perfect diaphragm breathing the spine must be parallel to the stomach.
  6. - Techniques are executed forward and back from where the elbows meet the waist.

Principles of Movement

  1. - Foot movement must be similar to walking. One initiates the step naturally and concludes it with firmness.
  2. - Smoothly make each step identical to the last, with the big toe of the rear foot aligned with the heel of the other (shoulder-width apart)
  3. - Foot movement, both in a forward and backward direction should correspond to the crescent shape of a quarter moon with the knees
      slightly bent, moving quietly.
  4. - Leg muscles must be firm but flexible to engender mobility.

Immeasurable self-conquests are made possible through a peaceful mind and inner harmony. The strength and resiliency gained from kata training fosters an inner force with which one can overcome any opponent and conquer worldly delusion and misery. Even when walking you should be conscious of combining your breathing with your movement.

Advice for Engagement

  1. - The mind must be calm but alert.
  2. - Look for that which is not easily seen.
  3. - Use your peripheral vision.
  4. - Remain calm when facing your opponent.
  5. - Have confident body language and facial expression.
  6. - Use a posture that will support mobility.

Laws of Wisdom

  1. - Let anger be your enemy.
  2. - Remember, an empty vessel makes the most noise.
  3. - Patience is the foundation upon which security and long life rest.
  4. - Know well your situation in life.
  5. - Trustworthy reputations are only gained from virtuous merit.
  6. - Success is the fruit of the strong and wise.
  7. - Delay is the best remedy for anger.
  8. - Those who will be enlightened are the ones who live moderate lives, have simple tastes, consume natural foods, and pursue the
      wisdom of sages.
  9. - Remain honest in your heart, true to your discipline, and refrain from overindulgence, and you will enjoy great rewards in life.
  10. - Mind your manners and your own business.
  11. - Discretion is the better part of valor.
  12. - The barriers of human achievement lie only in the mind.
  13. - An idle mind is a demon’s workshop.
  14. - Justice exists for those who live according to the Way, as these are one in the same.
  15. - Be happy without cause and make the best of what you have.
  16. - True friendship knows no boundaries.
  17. - It is a humble virtue to be wealthy and not affected by it.
  18. - Cause and effect are mutually consistent.
  19. - Despair is the conclusion of fools. Tomorrow’s success is built upon yesterday’s failures. Live in the here and now.  Do not seek more
      but learn to enjoy less.

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