Karate Stars DeValentino

Renowned Martial Artists that DeValentino Sensei
has been honored to know and train with.

Shorin Ryu-Tuite-Kyusho expert Maj. William Hayes USMC (Ret) author of "My Journey with the Grandmaster"


  Shihan Ted Tabura ( to Sensei DeValentino's right) and Master Eric Lee.  This was at the 1994 Festival of Kings Tournament held in Hawaii on the island of Maui.   Master Steven Kupihea (Hawaiian Lima Lama), Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker (Dragon Society International) and Leonard Sues at a Torite-Jutsu seminar presented by Grandmaster Moneymaker   Grandmaster Wally Jay 
Founder of Small Circle Jujitsu
World Sport Jujitsu Champ
U.S.A Team Coach Ernie Boggs (Right)

  Marcus with Professor Walter L.N. Godin (March 21,1937 - August 7, 2001) with over 50 years of experience), an original student of Kajukenbo Professor Emperado  

Professor Marino Tiwanak.

(March 3, 1927 - July 29, 1998) 
C.H.A.-3 Kenpo founder and first 

student of The Legendary Emperado


Marcus with Grandmaster Quoc Dong 

A.R.V.N. (Army Republic of Vietnam) soldier (taught U.S. Marines Vobindin Vietnam Martial Arts) at Saigon Embassy, 1975.










Marcus and Jim Graden at the National Association of Professional Martial Artists' Cardio Karate Certification Seminar in California. Sensei Wanda DeValentino. 
You Go Girl!

Marcus with the late Grandmaster Bing Lam (taught Prof Wally Jay).  Bing Lam was Hawaii's oldest living martial artist

Marcus with Escrima Maestro

Dagooc (left) and Tino

Ceberano (right)

East Coast Instructors (L - R) Dolores Ordas, Marcus Ballard, Dennis Ordas, Marcus & Wanda    Marcus (2nd from right) with the legendary black belts of Sensei Joe Bunch of Hawaii.  Back row (L-R) Jerry, Elizabeth, Linda Bunch, Garland Zoppy & Joey Bunch.  Front row (L-R) Jeff Bunch, Serge Clark, Sidney Patton, Marcus and "Big Mike"   IKKF President C. Bruce Heilman, and Kyoshi Ann Marie Heilman during a tournament in Washington DC   Marcus with Master Kanmei Uechi of Uechi Ryu (center) and Nester Folta, East Coast Director (right) 

Soloman Kaleihewalu(Right) Decendent and Master of Kapu Lua Kuilima (Ancient Polynesian Bone-Breaking), a once forbidden art!

Tara Lee Hunter of DSSI Florida is currently world champion at over 50! 

The respected Professor George Iversen poses with his teacher the legendary Grand Master Adriano Emperado of KAJUKENBO
that originated in Hawaii.  Iversen, himself a living legend is still Marcus DeValentino's martial arts mentor, former teacher and major influence on free fighting.  Marcus owes his Kama aina Ikaika Loa Hawaiian lineage or brotherly acceptance into the Hawaiian culture and house of warriors to Prof. Iversen.
It is said that Puerto Ricans are good fighters.  My friend Ramon Valle is no exception to the rule.  In my humble opinion and, first hand experience with sifu Valle in the ring, I profess him to be an exceptional Chinese Goju expert and teacher, and most definitely among the worlds deadliest warriors. 

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