Karate Stars DeValentino

Renowned Martial Artists that DeValentino Sensei
has been honored to know and train with.



Sensei Wanda DeValentino.  You Go Girl!


Marcus with the late Grandmaster Bing Lam

(taught Prof Wally Jay).  Bing Lam was Hawaii's oldest living martial artist


Marcus with Escrima Maestro Dagooc (left) and

Tino Ceberano (right)

East Coast Instructors (L - R) Dolores Ordas, Marcus Ballard, Dennis Ordas, Marcus & Wanda   

Marcus (2nd from right) with the legendary black belts of Sensei Joe Bunch of Hawaii.  Back row (L-R) Jerry, Elizabeth, Linda Bunch, Garland Zoppy & Joey Bunch.  Front row (L-R) Jeff Bunch, Serge Clark, Sidney Patton, Marcus and "Big Mike"

  IKKF President C. Bruce Heilman, and Kyoshi Ann Marie Heilman during a tournament in Washington DC




Marcus with Master Kanmei Uechi of Uechi Ryu (center) and Nester Folta, East Coast Director (right)   

Soloman Kaleihewalu(Right) Decendent and Master of Kapu Lua Kuilima (Ancient Polynesian Bone-Breaking), a once forbidden art!


Tara Lee Hunter of DSSI Florida

 is currently world champion at over 50! 


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