Karate Stars DeValentino

Renowned Martial Artists that DeValentino Sensei
has been honored to know and train with.


Donovan Gaboya of DSSI Hawaii was consecutive State & National champ in forms, fighting, weapons, and showmanship.  He was also featured several times on television before age 14. Donovan was also a Hawaiian Kempo student of the late Prof. Walter L.N. Godin



Grand Champion Marcus DeValentino with Black Belt Hall of Fame Kung Fu Master Seng Jeorng Au at the Hawaii International Cultural Exchange (ICE) Championship held at the Sheraton Hotel Waikiki, Hawaii


1990 Hawaii Aloha to sensei Joe Bunch to open schools East Coast

  1988 Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Champs California (Left to Right) Hawaii team Linda Bunch, Marcus DeValentino, Joey Bunch, Kevin Funakoshi, Joel Flores
Marcus with Hawaii Kajukenbo Original
Prof. Joe Halbuna April 96

1985 Marcus with late Seibukan Goju

Ryu Master Tomu Arakawa of

Kyan Okinawa

Marcus and the late Grand Master Seikichi Odo in 1997 Marcus' first Sensei in the 70's was P. Dan Hale, President of the Texas Tae Kwon Do Federation and direct student of Song Moo Kwan Grand Master Park of Seoul Korea.




2005 Marcus poses with Motobu Ryu and Okinawa Kenpo Unden Ti masters Motobu Chosei and Inaba Takeji.

Marcus (standing right) along with Black Belts of Dharma Ryu Dojo and DeValentino Shudokan Schools pose with the late Grand Master Seikichi Odo in Hawaii 1997.  Dharma Ryu dojo
master is Kyoshi Paul Ortino Jr. (standing 3d from right).
Marcus DeValentino with the late great sensei JOSEPH A. BUNCH JR.  A student of Okinawan Masters Maehara, Seijiro and Odo, Seikichi, he was the founder of Hawaii Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Do, a retired Vietnam Era Marine, Department of Defense National Park Ranger, and trainer of champions. His life was honored at the Mililani Memorial Park & Mortuary Mauka Chapel and he was and was finally laid to rest at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery of Kaneohe, Hawaii on August 8th, 2010.   Lt. Commander Efland Amersen, Master Chief Garland Zoppy, Major Jerome Newton, Savili Bartley, and Serge Clark were among his successful black belt instructors that flew in from the U.S. mainland to attend the service.

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