The Conception Vessel

CV 1: HUIYIN (Perineum)
In the center of the perineum. Midway between the anus and the scrotum in men and midway between the anus and commissura labiorum in females. Hui means crossing and Yin here is referring to the genitalia, the Pt is located in the space between the genitalia and the anus.

Death or coma. CV 1 is one of the very dangerous points if you can get at it! It is usually accessed using a toe strike upwards between the anus and scrotum. (The little grizzly bit).

CV 2: QUGU (Crooked Bone)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, just above the symphysis pubis. 5 cun below the umbilicus, at the superior aspect of the symphysis pubic.

This strike is just as good as if not better than a strike to the groin. This can cause knock out or even death struck hard enough. The potential dangers of this strike are sterility and cancer of the genital region.

CV 3: ZHONGJI (Middle Summit or Central Pole)
On the anterior mid-line, 4cun below the umbilicus, 1 cun above the upper border of the symphysis pubis. Zhong means center and Ji here means exactly, the point is exactly at the center of the body.

This strike is one of the most damaging strikes to the genital area as it will also affect the SP, KD & LIV. Immediately, the recipient will fall down with qi disruption, blood will probably flow from the penis and he will probably die if medical attention is not sought. Later diseases same as for CV2.

CV 4: GUANYUAN (Hinge at the Source or Gate Origin)
On the midline of the abdomen, 3cun below the umbilicus.

CV 4 is one of the deadly points. It is not actually the ‘tantien’ (dantien) but is situated just under the ‘tantien’. This is an electrical area about 3 inches below the navel where the qi is said to be stored. The Chong Mai is an extra meridian which mostly travels through kidney points, so it is believed that the tantien is actually the kidneys.  A strike in the correct direction here, quite hard will cause death from qi stoppage. Struck upwards will cause in the immediate, extreme high blood pressure, fainting and possible death. Struck downwards will cause extreme qi drainage with knock out. Struck straight in only will cause the qi to slow up and possible increasing sickness and death.

CV 5: SHIMEN (Stone Door)
On the midline of the abdomen, 2cun below the umbilicus.

CV 5 is regarded as being the dantien (tantien) point. Another name for it is ‘Ming Men’. Well, this point is a doozey! Even acupuncturists will not needle this point if possible. In ancient texts on acupuncture, it is said of this point that it will shorten the patient’s life or cause sterility in women! So any damage to this point will indeed shorten the recipient’s life, like dead right then.  It will impair a woman’s reproduction and/or shorten the life expectancy even if damaged lightly. Keep well clear of this part of the lower abdomen in training as even a light strike here could damage qi production and eventually shorten one’s life.

CV 6: QIHAI (Sea of QI)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, 1.5cun below the umbilicus or half way between CV 7 and CV 5.

Again, this is a very dangerous point. You could strike CV 5 and CV 6 together for a devastating result. It is said in ancient kyusho texts that there is no return from this double strike! When struck, the whole qi circulation will be upset or stopped resulting in either instant or delayed death! when a severe strike has occurred to this point, it takes around 3 days for the qi to slow down and stop flowing. Or if very hard, instant death. Even in lighter strikes, the kidney function will be impaired for life causing the quality of life to be diminished.

CV 7: YINJIAO (Yin's Junction)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, 1cun below the umbilicus.

This point is also dangerous, but not as dangerous as the last two. It is getting a little higher up and although it is not greatly protected, it relatively so to CV 5 & 6. A strike here, should you not also get CV 5 & 6 with the same strike, will cause knock out, hard enough and it could cause death from kidney failure.

CV 8: QIZHONG (Middle of Navel)
In the middle of the umbilicus.

The navel is not well protected. Although it is higher up on the stomach than the previous CV points, there is a direct link to the internal through this point. All around CV 8 is well protected by muscle, but right in the middle is not. So it is easy to inflict damage at this point. A strike here causes spleen damage as well as physical stomach damage. It will cause much yang qi to spread out all over the torso and up into the head causing knock out or death with a hard strike. This is also a very dangerous point. Acupuncturists are warned not to needle this point, only to use moxa on it to warm the yang qi of the body, and even then the moxa is burnt over salt or ginger.

CV 9: SHUIFEN (Division Of Water)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, 1 cun above the umbilicus.

Removes power by attacking the lungs, spleen and kidneys. There is not much physical damage here, it is all electrical as this point is fairly well protected.

CV 10: XIAWAN (Lower Cavity)
On the midline of the abdomen, 2 cun above the umbilicus.

This point along with CV 12 and 13 when struck will damage the production of qi, slow it down and eventually stop it flowing causing death. So, although death is not necessarily immediate, it will slowly come after a bout of ill health which slowly gets worse.

CV 11: JIANLI (Establish Measure)
On the midline of the abdomen, 3cun above the umbilicus.

This point in particular is well protected. Striking here, catching the opponent unaware however, will cause great internal damage with qi drainage causing a knock out.

CV 12: ZHONGWAN (Middle Cavity)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, 4 cun above the umbilicus. Zhong means middle and Wan means Stomach the PT is in the middle of the Stomach.

See the damage for CV 10. Plus, this point will cause vomiting and even diarrhea. It has so many connections that any strike here is dangerous. It is the ‘Mu’ point of the stomach, a special meeting point of the ‘Fu’, (hollow or yang organs) and the meeting point of middle and triple heater. A strike here will cause disharmony in the yin and yang or ‘earth’ and causes disharmony with its relationship to metal.

CV 13: SHANGWAN (Upper Cavity)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, 5cun above the umbilicus

See CV 10 and 12. Plus, this strike will also affect the heart and lungs, draining qi causing great weakness.

CV 14: JUQUE (Great Palace or Shrine)
On the mid-line of the abdomen, 6 cun above the umbilicus or 1 cun below the xiphoid process of the sternum.

This is one of the most dangerous points. People have been known to die when struck for instance with  a baseball right on the point. This point stops the heart as it is the ‘heart mu point’.  A person receiving a strike here can actually die from a coughing/vomiting attack!

CV 15: JIUWEI (Wild Pigeon's Tail)
0.5 cun below the xiphoid process of the sternum or 7 cun above the umbilicus. Locate the PT in supine position with the arms uplifted.

This point is also a heart stopper, but not as dangerous as CV 14.

CV 16: ZHONGTING (Middle Hall or Courtyard)
On the middle of the sternum, level with the 5th intercostal space or 1.6 cun below CV 17.

This point will also do great damage as it is between the xiphoid process and the sternum. Physical damage is incurred as well as internal damage. Vomiting will occur as well as coughing attacks. It will cause knock out and it is a point that is not that well protected. A very hard strike here will cause death.

CV 17: SHANZHONG or TANZHONG (Penetrating Odour)
On the mid-line of the sternum, between the nipples, level with the 4th intercostal space. Tan means exposure and Zhong means middle, the Point is located at the exposed middle part of the chest called Tanzhong in ancient times.

CV 17 is another of the very dangerous strikes. In fact he CV meridian for a kyusho expert is like a child in a sweet factory. This point traditionally drains energy from the ‘seat of power’, or the diaphragm. Striking this point downwards causes knock out in the least and death at the most. A strike here causes the recipient to fall down from lack of power. A warning comes with this point for those who would play around with it. Never use this point on anyone under the age of 25! The sternum cartilage has not yet hardened and can be broken easily in younger people. This point has many properties. It is the ‘mu’ point of the pericardium, hence it will also attack the heart. It is a meeting point of ‘shao yin’, (heart & kidney) a sea of energy point with BL 10 and ST 9, meeting point of upper and three heater. It will also deregulate the flow of qi throughout the system. It will also totally destroy the relationship and balance between ‘water and fire’ within the system.

CV 18: YUTANG (Jade Court)
On the mid-line of the sternum, level with the 3rd intercostal space, 1.6 cun above CV 17.

This point is very well protected however, it will do damage struck hard enough. Coughing fits will be produced with this strike. Local pain and qi drainage is also apparent. It must be struck with a smaller weapon to do any qi damage.

CV 19: Chest ZIGONG (Purple Palace)
On the mid-line of the sternum, level with the 2nd intercostal space, 1.6 cun above CV 18.

This point produces much the same as CV 18 only more local pain is felt with more qi drainage. It can be used in situations where the attacker has to be controlled, as in the case of a door attendant or bouncer. A quick shot using a one knuckle punch (I only hit him in the chest officer!) and he will be putty in your hands, coughing a spluttering. Then use TH 17 one finger in the point while the other hand controls the head for extra pressure, and take him out, no worries.

CV 20: HUAGAI (Lustrous Cover)
On the mid-line of the sternum, at the level of the 1st intercostal space or 1 cun below CV 21 which is much more dangerous.

Damage is the same as for CV 19.

CV 21: XUANJI (North Star)
On the mid-line of the sternum, midway between CV 22 and CV 20, or midway between the articulations of the left and right rib with the sternum. Xuan here means rotation and ji here means axis, this is the name given to the 2nd and 3rd stars of the big dipper, opposite the Zigong star. This Pt is above ZIGONG PT so is called XUANJI.

Use CV 22, it is much more appropriate. Local pain and qi drainage when CV 21 is struck. Not a point to bother with as CV 22 is just above it.

CV 22: TIANTU (Heaven's Prominence)
In the depression 0.5cun above the suprasternal notch, between the left and right sternocleidomastoid muscles. In it's deep position in the sternohyoid and sternothyroid muscles.

This is one of the most deadly points in the body. It will cause immediate suffocation and brain death. Only an experienced acupuncturist is advised to needle this point using a special method of tilting the head back.  This strike will  affect the lungs greatly causing coughing and gasping for air in the least and death in the most.

CV 23: LIANQUAN (Modesty's Spring or Screen Spring)
Above the Adam’s apple, in the depression at the upper border of the hyoid bone. In the depression between the pharyngeal prominence and the lower margin of the hyoid bone.

This is a concentration point of ‘shao yin’. (Heart/Kidney). Although because of this location, you would not really worry about electrical damage as the physical damage to this area will cause death through suffocation anyway. It is possible to build up a whole heap of grizzle in this area by performing the old wrestler’s bridge often. This is what tricksters do who perform the old chopstick in the neck trick. The chopstick is forced straight in where the heavy concentration of grizzle is. However, we strike in an upward manner thus getting past the grizzle and into the trachea.

CV 24: CHENGJIANG (Contains Fluids or Receives Fluids)
In the depression in the center of the mentolabial groove, this is the depression below the middle of the lower lip between the orbicularis oris and mentalis muscle muscles.

Strike from the recipient’s left to his right using either the tips of the fingers of the one knuckle punch. This will cause extreme nausea vomiting and can even cause a knock out. The recipient’s right to his left will also cause extreme nausea and vomiting with great pain down the left side of the abdomen, this can be so great that he will buckle up in pain. When struck straight in will knock his teeth out!.

It can be seen that this meridian is the most dangerous. Most people know that the center line points are dangerous, but few know why. In practice, stay away from these points, pull your punches short of the points, as even mild pressure to some of the more sensitive points will cause damage, and long term effects.

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